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New Material.

The main focus of this website is to give to the wider public material on Harvington, which would not otherwise be available, such as Bailey's History of Harvington and the Millennium Souvenir. One of the great tragedies for history is its unrecording or loss, which includes both historical documents and folk memories.

Additional material is welcome.

Our ancient hamlet sweet
by Alice Mary Cook

from a local publication along with this photograph.

THERE WASN'T so many folks as knowed
About our village afore it growed,
’Cept Arthur Mee who said ‘twas a sight
Of the pictureaskew in black an' white,
An' 'ceptin’ them artists as come to paint
The village as was. But now it ain‘t.
Cos why? Well, no repairs was done
To the “sweetest 'amlet under the sun.”
Them artists wanted it kep‘ that way:
To touch it would be a crime, they'd say.

So things were gettin' worse than bad;
Just ’alf a roof was what some folks ’ad.
But this could give us a lovely view
Of the midnight stars a-peepin' through.
An' sometimes, now l laughs to tell,
A rat ud come peepin‘ through as well.
The rain come drippin’ on our ’eads
An' toadstools grew a-side our beds;
The roofs got a-fallin' now and then,
An' buried many a scrattin‘ 'en.

“Don‘t alter it," one more artist said,
With tears a-streamin’ from his ’ead.
So. in case 'is tender ’eart should break,
Nobody no repairs would make,
That‘s ’ow our ancient 'amlet sweet
Become just ruins each side the street.

Then along eomes one o' them sanity blokes,
What looks into your drains and pokes.
We ‘adn‘t no drains for 'im to smell
But the ditches we‘d got did just as well.
So, bein' a knowin' kind o' man,
’E said we needed a 'ousin‘ plan.
My grandad. what was a 'undred an' more,
Said us all knowed that ninety yea afore.

So they swep’up the ruins o’th" 'amlet sweet,
Built lots of 'ouses and made a street.
They even put ’ouses down the lanes,
With water laid on to taps an' chains.

Them artists? They upped an' mumbled
For our little old village ain' now on view.

In 1868 there was a curious old custom still observed at Harvington; the children used to go round to all the houses on St Thomas's Day and St Valentine's Day repeating a doggerel rhyme as follows:-

'Wissal, wassail, through the town,
If you've got any apples throw them down,
Up with the stocking and down with the shoe,
If you've got no apples money will do.'

Recorded by Mrs Edith Towers when a child sang it at her door at Firbank in 1910.



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  1. British History Online
  2. Harvington Memories. This excellent page on Facebook is well worth viewing.
  3. Harvington Neighbourhood Plan
  4. A Vision of Britain through time

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Julian Rawes, Crooked Walls, Harvington